Propionate Doses

Testosterone Propionate is sometimes used in therapeutic treatment plans, but in the modern age it’s a bit rare. Most testosterone plans of a therapeutic nature are comprised of large ester testosterone and as a result Propionate doses are normally only a concern when the testosterone is used for performance enhancement purposes. With the right Propionate doses, we can grow like a weed, we can see our strength skyrocket and we can even shred up beyond belief. While we won’t necessarily be able to do all these things at once Testosterone Propionate is truly a versatile anabolic steroid, and with the right Propionate doses the benefits are endless.

Through our discussion, we want to look at Propionate doses for all possible periods of use. We’ll look at beginner to advanced level doses all while keeping in mind the same doses can work for bulking or cutting. The only difference in the overall result will be your diet. In any case, while individual response to the hormone as well as desires may create a need to adjust the total dosing we’ll be able to pinpoint a solid range to follow with the Propionate doses provided.

Beginner Propionate Doses:

For the beginner, someone who has never used anabolic steroids before Propionate doses of 300mg to 400mg per week is more than enough. If this does not provide what you’re looking for you need to examine your diet and training or perhaps your product itself. While this is a fantastic beginner’s starting point such Propionate doses will actually work for veterans too. There is no point in time when certain Propionate doses won’t work, but when it comes to upping the dose this will be entirely up to you.


Increasing Propionate Doses:

The only way you can justifiably increase your Propionate doses is if you have enjoyed a positive response with lower Propionate doses. By a positive response, this means you have displayed the ability to control side effects; after all, if you can’t control them with beginner Propionate doses they’re only going to get worse with larger ones. In any case, if you’ve enjoyed a positive response and you want more out of this remarkable steroid it is possible to increase your Propionate doses safely. If this is the case, total Propionate doses of 500mg to even 800mg per week can be acceptable; any more than this and aromatization may very well get out of control. Of course you may be asking a question; why are high end Cypionate and Enanthate doses so much higher than Propionate? The reason is simple; smaller ester forms like Propionate yield more testosterone per 100mg than larger ester forms like Cypionate and Enanthate and as a result 800mg of Propionate will be similar to 1g of Cypionate or Enanthate.

Managing your Propionate Doses:

Once you’ve decided on a total dose, you’ll find splitting the dose up into multiple every other day injections to be the most efficient. Testosterone Propionate cannot be administered on a weekly or even twice weekly basis like larger ester forms. When it comes to Propionate doses, we must think in-terms of a 24 hour period rather than a 7 day week due to its fast acting nature. For low dose plans, 100mg every other day is a great place to start with 200mg every other day being an excellent high end Propionate dose.