Buy Propionate

Numerous performance enhancing athletes buy Propionate for their testosterone needs and it can be found in human grade (HG), veterinarian grade forms as well as those from an underground lab (UGL). Of course, finding high quality Testosterone Propionate can be hard at times, many find this to be one of the few esters that can hurt a little bit and if itís not properly made it canít really cause some pain. Even so, understand you can buy Propionate, you can purchase high quality forms that donít hurt at all but you need to know what to look for. Just as important, you need to know when the best time to buy Propionate is and as we explain this weíll do away with the Testosterone Propionate rumor once and for all.

Buy Propionate Ė Dosing:

Those who buy Propionate will find it most commonly comes dosed at 100mg/ml. While that is the most common dosing, it can also be found fairly often at 50mg/ml and less commonly at 25mg/ml. As for larger concentrations, some UGLís provide them, some as high as 200mg/ml but this isnít all that common.

Buy Propionate Ė HG or UGL?


Testosterone Propionate is one of the more affordable anabolic steroids on the market, and this goes for HG and UGL lines. In many cases, you can buy Propionate from a UG label thatís every bit as good as its HG counterpart; however, youíll find thereís more low grade UG products on the market than not. For this reason, HG is always the way to go but if you buy Propionate from a UGL youíre encouraged to do some strong research on the lab and supplier before you make a purchase. Those who buy Propionate from UGLís often find it to be painful due to high concentrated levels of benzyl alcohol. If thatís not bad enough, UG products are often full of bacteria due to unsterile manufacturing practices and thatís not something you want to get into.

When you buy Propionate from an HG line, things like bacteria are of no concern. Further, you will typically find no pain to exist unless you are ultrasensitive to the Propionate form. The reason is simple; HG Testosterone Propionate is made for human beings in a sterile and contaminant free environment each and every time.

When to Buy Propionate:

You can buy Propionate for any cycle or any goal and the same goes for any testosterone form. Those who buy Propionate simply have a testosterone compound, the same testosterone hormone as Testosterone Cypionate, Enanthate or any other form. The only difference is the Propionate ester doesnít cleave to the hormone as long and as a result becomes active and dissipates much faster. Some report less water retention due to the Propionate form being used; however, thereís really no reason to hold any more water with any form if youíre following the proper steps. 100mg of testosterone will aromatize at the same rate in any form.